F-111A/B Aadvark – 1/48 scale model

October 19, 2013

F-111A/B Aadvark - 1/48 scale model
F-111A/B Aadvark – 1/48 scale model Detail

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F-111A/B Aadvark – 1/48 scale model Description

The F-111 is a twin-engine swing-wing aircraft which can take-off and land at relatively low speeds with the wings swept forward and can fly close to the ground a supersonic speeds. The General Dynamics F-111 is an American medium-range strategic bomber, reconnaissance and tactical strike aircraft designed in the 1960s. On July 27, 1996, the F-111 was officially named as Aardvark. The F-111 was affectionately called the “Pig”. The F-111A was the initial production version of the F-111. I…

The F-111 Aardvark, developed by General Dynamics, is unique among aircraft in that it was the first variable-geometry swept wing design to enter general production and service. While originally intended to be a multi-role fighter, the Aardvark’s primary usage and mission profile was as a long range attack aircraft, striking at surface targets. The F-111 has seen extensive combat use in both the American and Australian militaries, and the type has been retired from American service and i…

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F-111A/B Aadvark - 1/48 scale model