Genesis 1976-1982

September 12, 2013

Genesis 1976-1982
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While the five albums chronicled here in new, bonus-rich double-disc editions are neither the most theatrically prog-centric nor pop-focused of Genesis’s storied career, they are in many ways the most dramatically triumphant. When colorful frontman Peter Gabriel bolted the band in 1975 for a highly regarded solo career, their prospects seemed dim; coupled with a rapidly emerging U.K. punk scene, Genesis seemed destined for the scrapheap of pop history. Instead, with drummer Phil Collins …

On the occasion of Genesis’ 40th anniversary, Rhino begins a complete upgrade of their catalog, to be grouped into three CD/DVD boxed sets. This first installment contains five Phil Collins-fronted albums A Trick Of The Tail, Wind & Wuthering, …And Then There Were Three, Duke, and ABACAB plus Extra Tracks, a new rarities compilation only available as part of this historic 12-disc box.Each album is reissued as a CD DVD edition featuring new stereo mixes of the original album. The sixt…

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Genesis 1976-1982