Sassy Tummy Mat

October 13, 2013

Sassy Tummy Mat
Sassy Tummy Mat Detail
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Sassy Tummy Mat Description

Sassy tummy time mat is baby’s own personal hang out spot. The Sassy tummy time mat has a built-in tummy time bolster that stays in place to support baby and help develop torso muscles. High contrast colors and simple patterns for newborns enhance visual skills for young babies. Multiple textures keep baby’s attention which encourages reaching and grasping. Also includes an accessory true reflection mirror and soft, plastic firefly which encourages mouthing exploration. High-contrast bel…

W55 x H89cm Weight:: 260g Material: Country: United States, country of origin: size from Birthday: China Age EVA resin, PET resin, polyester Remark: love with mirror to support the position of the baby crawling of time, the muscle Tammy Matt baby. Less distortion, and posture support for children crawling time, baby pillow of black and white dots attached to mat has been devised baby to make it easier to focus on their face, the muscular development of the body The Bell of brillia…

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Sassy Tummy Mat